Three Reasons Microsoft Bought Nokia

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Earlier this month, Microsoft surprised investors by announcing a $7 billion purchase of Nokia’s smartphone business. The move is being hailed by some as a smart way for Microsoft to compete in the fast growing mobile market. Others see the move as foolish, suggesting that Microsoft is investing good money in Nokia’s outdated and unpopular technology.

Regardless of the market reaction, there are a number of reasons why the deal makes sense. Here are three reasons why Microsoft bought Nokia mobile divisions… continue reading »

The Tweets Behind the Surge in Apple Stock

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Earlier this month, billionaire investor Carl Icahn posted two tweets to his official Twitter page. The result? The total value of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) rose by an incredible $17 billion in the span of one afternoon.

Not only did Icahn’s tweets result in an immediate surge in Apple stock of almost 5%, the event sparked an extended rally that has pushed the stock above $500 for the first time since January… continue reading »

Why Facebook Stock Jumped 29%

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Last week, Facebook stock jumped 29% after declaring earnings and investors realized Facebook has figured out mobile. The stock has continued higher in recent days. One thing is for sure, investor concerns about Facebook’s ability to monetize mobile seem to have been relieved. Here’s how Facebook did it… continue reading »

Why You Should Buy WhiteWave Foods

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WhiteWave Foods IPO full

Dean Foods recently spun off some of its most successful brands into a new company, WhiteWave Foods. When companies spin off part of their brand portfolio it could be for a number of reasons. In the case of Dean Foods, the brands that were spun off were just too different from the company’s core product portfolio.

By grouping the natural foods brands together and spinning them off as a new company, investors get an opportunity to own shares of some of the fastest growing food brands in North America. Here’s why you should buy stock in WhiteWave Foods… continue reading »

2013 Halftime: Three Stock Market Losers

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2013 has flown by and we are now more than halfway through the year. After reaching record highs day after day back in May, the stock market has had its best first six months since 1998.

Last week we wrote about three first-half winners, but there also have been some losers in the market this year. Here are three of the most notable stock market losers…continue reading »

Could Earnings Spark an Apple Rebound?

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It’s been a rough 10 months for Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL).

The stock has fallen 39% since topping $700 last September, twice dipping below $400 a share in recent months. During that time, Apple has lost more than $250 billion in market cap and surrendered its title as the world’s most valuable company.

The decline has been shocking. And analysts have been forecasting an Apple rebound for months. Next week’s earnings report is looming as another potential turning point…continue reading »